Tree Trimming for Cambria County, PA, and Somerset County, PA

Jordan Tree Service Serves the Entire Johnstown, PA, Area!

That beautiful, big oak tree in your front yard is overgrown and really needs some trimming. That once-picturesque maple tree beside your office building has died and is now posing a danger to your employees, their vehicles, and possibly the building itself. Who can you turn to? Who can provide professional, safe answers to your tree problems? Trust Jordan Tree Service in Johnstown, PA! We offer quality tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding and removal for Cambria County, PA, and Somerset County, PA. You can trust us for safe, effective tree service!

Contact us today at (814) 288-5110 to discover what Jordan Tree Service can do for you! Residential job or commercial job, big or small, we provide the best tree service in the Johnstown, PA, area.

Tremendous Tree Trimming and Tree Removal, Even in Emergencies!

Do you have a nuisance tree on your property, with branches overgrowing your structures? Do you have a dead tree posing a danger to your home or office and, more importantly, your family or employees? Many people think that tree trimming or tree removal is a DIY task, but when you try to handle it yourself, you can make a dangerous situation even more threatening. You need a professional! You can count on Jordan Tree Service for all of your tree trimming and tree removal needs! Our highly qualified and experienced team knows the most effective way to trim or remove your offending tree or trees, and we use a bucket truck to ensure safety as we perform our task. We also respond as quickly as possible in case of emergencies, such as after a storm. Why call anyone else when you can call the best tree service in the Johnstown, PA, area? Rely on Jordan Tree Service.

Once the Tree is Down, We Offer Stump Grinding and Removal

Now that the nuisance or dangerous tree is gone, what do you do with the remaining stump? It is taking up space in your yard, and it really is an eyesore, a blemish on your perfect landscape. No worries, because Jordan Tree Service also offers professional stump grinding or stump removal! When you choose our stump grinding service, our professional team will use a grinder to grind down the stump to pulp. The remaining pieces will cover the ground, ensuring there is no hole, and the root system will decay in time.

When we remove your stump, we will make certain that we dig out the entire root system and fill in the hole. Jordan Tree Service will handle all of your tree issues in Cambria County, PA, and Somerset County, PA, from the top branches to the lowest roots!

Check Out Our Firewood and Land Clearing Services, Too!

Alongside our outstanding, professional tree trimming and tree removal, Jordan Tree Service also offers the Johnstown, PA, area quality firewood and excellent logging and land clearing services! We offer excellent work, experience, and expertise, combined with friendly customer service to Cambria County, PA, and Somerset County, PA! Whether it is a big job or a small job, we give it our all, with attention to even the smallest detail.

Why wait any longer to take care of that nuisance or dangerous tree? Call Jordan Tree Service today at (814) 288-5110. We offer outstanding tree service at an affordable rate!